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Full Version: Yesterdays work
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So yesterday after work I did a few things.

Mixed up some CWG at 15ml/4liters to remove wax etc.
Washed bonnet of car.
Used mothers detailing brush to try brush wax/etc of the plastic guard things on the doors because they were looking a bit faded. Used the brush on the b pillar cupra writing, the boot cupra writing and the front and back S badges.
Was going to clay bonnet but it didn't seem to need it. Had NO wax left on it though.
I used meguiars ultimate compound on some scratches my cat left on the bonnet (tried to jump on, then couldn't get grip and scratched it pretty bad). It seemed to help quite a bit. Only gave one pass though, probably needs at least 4/5 by hand.
Then used poor-boys black hole on the bonnet. (don't have a DA and not doing my whole car by hand Tongue)
Then used meguiars ultimate quick wax.

While waiting for the wax to do it's thing I took off the engine cover because it WAS nice and clean then I took it for a service and they got oil all over it. Used the CWG and the brush, rinsed, put on some diluted apc to soak a bit, rinsed and dried. Used the diluted apc on the engine bay as well and rinsed off.

There isn't a lot of time between getting home and it being dark and I don't have a garage. Also it was threatening to storm.

I'm pretty happy with the result on the bonnet. Still does need some serious paint correction though. It was dark by the time I finished and the sun wasn't quite out this morning but here's some shots of the bonnet (it did rain a bit at night). ('scuse the cellphone cam)

[Image: imag0394z.jpg]
[Image: imag0391m.jpg]
[Image: imag0393.jpg]
Hi Rory
the 2nd pic looks nicer.
By the way what's the CWG?

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