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Full Version: Father-in-law's Toyota
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Hi guys Wavey

Here’s my father-in-law’s car that I detailed. The interior was done a few weeks before, with MPC, various brushes, terry towels and the usual stuff.

The car’s nice looking but the colour hides the paint defects, not easy to see them. There were minor swirls relatively everywhere as well as the famous ORANGE PEEL and some isolated RDS. TBH I’ve been able to achieve about 50 % improvement. (Sorry no before pics due to limited time. We had to return home the same day. :ionoBluebiggrin

Here are the shots.

[Image: 22122010065.jpg]

[Image: 22122010069.jpg]

[Image: 22122010066.jpg]

The paint below the clear coat on the boot lid has got 2 different shades. I think this’ll require wetsanding/respray. But there’s been some improvement in the gloss.

[Image: 22122010070.jpg]

Other pics:

[Image: 22122010073.jpg]

[Image: 22122010082.jpg]

[Image: 22122010084.jpg]

[Image: 22122010080.jpg]

[Image: 22122010079.jpg]

[Image: 22122010078.jpg]

[Image: 22122010090.jpg]

[Image: 22122010091.jpg]

[Image: 22122010098.jpg]

The Headlights

[Image: 22122010086.jpg]

[Image: 22122010094.jpg]

After :
[Image: 22122010097.jpg]

[Image: 22122010095.jpg]

Big Grin Casper is ever-present to inspect the work Big Grin

[Image: 22122010077.jpg]

• An improvement in gloss and reflection, swirls removed to some extent
• RDS and orange peel barely removed (Need to learn wetsanding. Rather anxious to try it.)
• Combination of pad and polish not aggressive enough (used M80 and Farecla G3).
• Headlights got some swirls after polished.
• Noticed Uhoh2 some small dots of polishes on some places afterwards (a week later). Wondering how to remove these? Thinking

Recently I got the Menzerna polishes and compound (As David suggested) and the Lake country foam pads but yet to try them.
Looking for the time when I’m home alone to try wetsanding on a scrap hood. Nobody’s at home convinced with detailing, can’t convince them either Banghead but i've already been infected by the detailing virus Rofl so it's in the blood now Rofl

Your advice and suggestions are welcome as always. Thumb

Thanks for reading.

Nice work bud. Hope father in law was happy...
Excellent work Zaid - the silver is looking good! The job you did on the headlights really cleared them up nicely, very impressive!
Nice Work
Nicely done Thumb
Thanks friends for your encouraging words.. Thumb
Defo father in law was happy. But still got some defects Uhoh2 that I need to corrrect. So, I've got a long way to go... still learning

take care you all

Nice job zckid ... the Toyota is looking good Thumbsup2
Thanks Jughead Thumb

Still got a long way to go to reach your levels
nice job, like the masking off to detail on windows
(22-03-2011 09:37 PM)PAP AND FLIES Wrote: [ -> ]nice job, like the masking off to detail on windows

Thanks. Rofl Was at in-laws and had to manage with whatever I could Iono necessity = mother of invention Rofl
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