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Full Version: In-active users and spam
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Morning gents,

Just a quick note regarding in-active user accounts and the recent spam problems. I have made some changes to the board settings in an effort to try and limit the number of spam posts and threads we get.

First off, I will be pruning all in-active accounts which have not been accessed since the end of 2010. If you browse the forum without logging in then chances are your account may be deleted. Considering the accounts that have been marked for deletion all have 0 post counts, I don't think it will affect any of the regular members on here.

Secondly, I have changed the posting permissions for new users who have just registered. Any new user will only have permission to post a new thread, and not reply to existing posts. The reason for this is to allow them the opportunity to introduce themselves, after which they will be granted full forum rights. Obviously this won't prevent freshly registered spam bots from posting new threads, but it will stop the random junk posts littered throughout the board.

Finally, all registered accounts which are not used for periods exceeding 3 to 4 months will be pruned at regular intervals.

Snip, snip..
Good idea David
Good idea, the one that hit during the weekend went a bit ape sh*t.
Thumb Viva no spam viva
Sounds fair enough, must just remember to post from time to time and not just read everything!!! LOL RoflRofl
that's nice. Clap

its a good idea for everyone to contribute but at the same time, will it be possible to delete the polluting spam posts David? in such a way existing threads are not littered as you say.
Please see this notice regarding the pruning of in-active accounts.
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