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Full Version: For Sale: Makita 9227CB rotary polisher
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I am consolidating my kit and selling off two polishers. First one is the Makita 9227CB rotary polisher and a Meguiar's backing plate (replaced the unforgiving backing plate that came with the machine).

Selling this polisher for R1,000.

[Image: Makita_rotary2.jpg]

[Image: Makita_rotary1.jpg]

"consolidating my kit"... that's not the same as 'hanging up the gloves' is it? Iono
(10-10-2011 01:22 PM)onyx Wrote: [ -> ]Bargain!

"consolidating my kit"... that's not the same as 'hanging up the gloves' is it? Iono

Can't say that I have ever been "in the game" but certainly carnauba still pumps through my veins. I have three DA polishers and one rotary polisher. I think I can now settle with two machines that will cover my needs and the odd detailing job.

With the holidays coming up, should have time to post one or two detailing jobs or maybe a review or two.

And you Onyx? The little one must be old enough to allow you to get some detailing hours under your belt.
Ahhhh i see...

LOL @ Carnauba running through your veins! Thumb

Anees will be 3 in Feb and Rameez just turned 6months old - finding the time just got that much more difficult unfortunately Bluebiggrin
Is this still available? I am quite interested. What size is the backing plate? Will my velcro pads for the DA fit in this polisher?

Sorry Sold Bluebiggrin
(31-10-2011 10:48 AM)Shan367 Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry Sold Bluebiggrin

Damn! I really wanted this Bawling

Any case enjoy the rotary! Bluebiggrin
Sorry lads, thought I had updated the title. The buffer is no longer in the market.
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