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Full Version: Joys of JHB CBD driving-nice crease in my right front fender
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Well coming out of jhb CBD last week to catch a flight to Cpt this fat African lady steps into my lane without looking and I hit her without causing any injury as she literally "skimmed" off my side fender and kept on walking after the incident. Get home, quick inspection for scratches and luckily nothing.Thumb But to my horror I discover this nasty "crease" just above the wheel archBawling Must have been from the impact as there's a small dent lower down and then the crease about 4cm long.
Now reckon this will be a "PDR" paintless dent repair but not sure where to take my baby for this? Is this a big job or not- really going nuts about this as my car's not even 2 months old yet-

[Image: b0icdiby4eb6ij5gkbrh_thumb.jpg]
Any recommendations up in Jhb...?
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