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Full Version: Meguires Car Care Kit
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Builders has Megs car care kit in their xmas catalog.

Has Gold Class Shampoo, Carnuba Plus, Quick Detailer and Endurance Tyre gel plus applicator.

All for R289

Best of all, it comes with a free bag!! Thumb

And I'm a sucker for a free bag!! Bluebiggrin

Builders - Xmas
Yeah I saw this the other day, good value IMO Thumb

The free bag does clinch the deal! Bluebiggrin
It is a good deal, and has been pointed out, the bag is pretty nifty as well.
Wow that's a good deal, think Makro was advertising for quite abit more.
what !

a free bag ..... im getting one ...
Ad says Car wash, Shampoo, etc??

Any MF cloths?
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