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Full Version: Hallo
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Hi came across this thread while browsing to find out how to best clean my car. Great site you guys have here and very informative.

Quick question i bought me a new car and they did the whole auto armor 3 in 1 thing. After reading a couple of things on the site i am starting to think it was a waste of money because they did a really crap job and i think you can get better service for the kind of money you paying.

Am i right?
First of all welcome to the forum.

Yes, I regret that you probably have wasted your money. The dealers love to sell you these as an added extra as they get a kick back from those companies. IMHO the labour used are untrained and the products are at most mediocre. I suggest that you treat your brand new baby to some TLC using the info available on this forum. Good luck!!
Welcome Bluebiggrin
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