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Full Version: White Corolla Detailed
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Had my sister's car around to have the brakes and tyres done, and I couldn't resist.
In all honesty, that car cried to be done Big Grin

Car had all sorts of weird marks, and bird droppings and stains.

Products used:
Clayed with Meguairs Quick Detailer
Meguairs Ultimate compound
AutoGlym Super resin polish
Collinite #845

[Image: WP_20140628_001.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140628_002.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140628_003.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140628_004.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140628_005.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140628_006.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140628_012.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140628_013.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140628_014.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140628_015.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140628_016.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140628_017.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140628_018.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140628_020.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140628_021.jpg]

[Image: WP_20140629_002.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140629_003.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140629_004.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140629_005.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140629_006.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140629_007.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140629_009.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140629_012.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140629_013.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140629_014.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140629_016.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140629_017.jpg]
[Image: WP_20140629_018.jpg][/quote]
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