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How can you win dad-in-law’s heart?
16-09-2012, 01:39 PM
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Rolleyes How can you win dad-in-law’s heart?
Hello friends Wavey

It makes me sometimes wonder Thinking how to make dad-in-law happy. I guess. It seems that I’ve managed to do the trick. I’ve got the recipe to have a very happy father-in-law!

[Image: 036.JPG]

Well, it’s not a visit to the HQ of Toyota Motor Inc. It's more about his ride.

He’s got a Toyota NZE (some old pics).

[Image: 22122010099.jpg]

[Image: 22122010092.jpg]

And I’m gonna clean beneath it...

[Image: 22122010091.jpg]

Rinseless Engine Clean!

I needed quite a few towels, a toothbrush, a few soft paint brushes and Bilt Hamber Surfex that I got from my returning relatives from France.

My test spot

[Image: 001.JPG]

That’s what we (son-in-law) look for… before going any further … under the watchful eyes of DAD-IN_LAW! Rolleyes

[Image: 002.JPG]

Hard work now:

[Image: 003.JPG]

Not so easy to take pics at this stage… hands all dirty la! So needed a part-time photographer coz I wouldn’t want to use the camera with dirty hands. (I’m not a camera detailer!)

[Image: 004.JPG]

My assistant with the phone cam

[Image: 006.jpg]

A 50/50 shot

[Image: 005.JPG]

[Image: 007.jpg]

[Image: 008.jpg]

[Image: 009.jpg]

[Image: 010.jpg]

[Image: 011.jpg]

[Image: Photo0184.jpg]

Goodbye to a decade+ of stained dirt

[Image: 012.jpg]

“Transformed!” u’d say

[Image: 013.JPG]

More hard work:

[Image: 021.JPG]

[Image: 022.JPG]

[Image: 023.JPG]

Tackling every part of it…

[Image: 024.JPG]

A small section at a time…

[Image: 025.JPG]

[Image: 026.JPG]

Fighting the enemy contigent… Argue

[Image: 027.JPG]

One soldier at a time…

[Image: 029.JPG]

Victory is neither a dream…

[Image: 030.JPG]

Nor it is distant far

[Image: 031.JPG]

It is at your doorsteps

[Image: 032.JPG]

Nearer still

[Image: 033.JPG]

It is said that “victory is sweet”

[Image: 038.JPG]

I say “Victory is sweeter… if the war is fought with passion, patience and prayers, without the least drop of blood!....

[Image: 036.JPG]

I'm grateful to Almighty for listening to my prayers… the war has been won without damaging the environment Thumb

God bless you all.


When others envy your ride's shine, it's BeyondShine
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18-09-2012, 08:53 PM
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RE: How can you win dad-in-law’s heart?
Well done. Clap
Nothing like a sparkling clean engine compartment to lift the spirits.
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